Fireplace Inserts

There is no better way to add warmth to a home than by installing a fireplace insert. Inserts are installed into an existing fireplace and can burn gas, wood or pellets. Increase the efficiency and warmth in your home today by adding a fireplace insert.


Wood inserts are steel or cast iron units that are designed to fit into existing masonry fireplaces. These units have a blower system as well as air controls in order to achieve higher efficiencies for the existing fireplace. Inserts come in a variety of sizes to fit most existing fireplaces.


Gas fired inserts are units that are designed to increase the efficiency of existing fireplaces while using the convenience of gas. These systems are designed for high heat and efficiency, while still providing convenience and good looks. The direct vent inserts use a two pipe system, one pipe is for exhaust and one is for fresh air intake for combustion. These pipes lead up to a cap and sealing plate that seals up the chimney to prevent cold air down draft. These units typically have fans installed in them for heat circulation. Typical installed costs range from $3,900 - $4,900 depending on the type of unit and options.